Allmoxy Services

Are you ready to bring your products to the market in a whole new way?      

Praxis 3D Marketing has teamed up with Allmoxy, the leading online 3D design software company, to help create a fun and professional 

experience. Using the Allmoxy tool, Praxis 3D Marketing will come into your business and learn about your needs, goals and what you would like to achieve relative to bringing your products to the market. We will take that information back to our team and develop a scope, budget and time frame to build out your project. We will work closely with you all along the way to ensure we are hitting your expectations.


Once your products are ready to launch, we offer to plug your company into our network of cabinet dealers, builders, and online sales to help connect your company to the market and facilitate training.

We have put together two great pricing options for your company: 


Level 1 Pricing - $75/hr to build out your project, billed out each week. After your project is complete, we then begin the work that makes you money. We plug you into our B2B system and take your product to the market. We facilitate the training on the new system to any customers you choose. We follow all of your policies relative to shipping, warranty, lead time, etc. We bring you feedback from the market on a regular basis.  We only require a 5% discount on the products you sell through us. As a bonus, when you reach $35,000 in sales through Praxis 3D Marketing, we give you 10 hours of free service time and pay for 1 mo of Allmoxy subscription fees (up to $250),that's a $1,000 value. That way, if you want to make some adjustments it's on us. 

Level 2 Pricing - We charge $110/hr to build out your project billed out each week. After your project is complete there are no other obligations. If you need additional service in the future you can call us anytime to put an additional scope of work together for you. 

We hope that you team up with Praxis 3D Marketing to work on your next project. 

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