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Meet Our Web Designer

Kelsey Haddox is a graphic designer with a background in marketing and web design. She's loves pushing design boundaries and working with clients to create their ideal website. Kelsey spends much of her free time outdoors and can be found hiking or biking on any given day. She's excited to work with you to reach your company goals.

Our Services

With our web design services, you will work with our experienced team to build a site that will help you drive business and connect with your clients. We offer new builds on Wix, Wordpress and Squarespace and will work with you to help you make the right selection for your needs. We also offer website updates to any existing site you may have, no matter the platform. We build sites to connect with the Allmoxy tool to give your clients the best and most streamlined service possible.

We offer multiple options for you based on your needs and budget. We charge $110/hr to build out your website, with no additional obligations once the site is complete.

Basic Landing Page

Estimated cost* $550-$770


Small Website/Website Makeover

Estimated cost* $770-$1100


Standard Website

Estimated cost* $1100-$1650


Extensive Website Build or Other Web Needs

Hour estimates and pricing given after consultation*


*Final estimates are given after an initial consultation. Hours may vary based on the scope and platform being used.